Athlete Performance provides structured, progressive and effective programs to drive your performance.


As coaches we work with elite athletes everyday , we understand the importance of effective programming and technical mastery. 

By following an AP program, you're committing to the training process, the training process that rewards those that train hard, but also smart. 


Through our team of coaches we are able to offer you expert coaching across a spectrum of fitness where across our team we have competed at international weightlifting through to completing Ironman triathlons.


We want all our athletes to feel like they are improving their own knowledge of training whilst creating a base for you to drive your performance to the next level.

'Strength Underpins, Power Dominates, Speed Kills'  



Find our programmes on our website, where instant download enables you to train straight away.

Each programme is written into cycles and blocks, with each block following on from the last.

You will need to start the programme from Block 1 in order to to gain maximum effect.

Each programme is purchased as a PDF FORMAT, as informative packs that include step by step workout notes and in an easy to follow training set up. 

Download now. 


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