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AP - Strength & Conditioning is a 4/5 day program designed for those who want a structured plan to drive their general fitness, whilst also knowing the program has set outcomes and measures for each strength and capacity block.



Everyone will start from Block 1.

Block 1 is a 6 week block where our primary focus will be to increase Strength Endurance within our barbell and strength work, through +Sets and Complexes and Aerobic Capacity, working into Aerobic Power with our conditioning elements.


Each day will start with a strength element, followed by our conditioning work, however we will mixed this up from time to time, especially in out 'Flush' weeks.



This is for the dedicated gym goer who wants to improve all aspects of fitness, covering all bases of strength, power, and conditioning. To fully utilise the results this programme will give you, using for prolonged periods of time is advised.

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