If you are looking to improve your sports, weightlifting, powerlifting or general gym performance I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Churchy. 


I’ve trained in powerlifting for the last 8 years but after a substantial lay off from the gym due to stagnation and no motivation I contacted Churchy as I was out of ideas myself.


Id previously had a a good amount of skepticism that someone else doing my programming could actually work better than me doing it myself but I wish I’d handed over the reigns much sooner. 


He built a bespoke program around my goals that focussed on addressing the weaknesses we identified in my initial consultation and improving my body’s strengths even further. 


At first I was nervous that losing control over programming would see some lifts/areas suffer. My first block had me dropping back squat for 4 weeks to focus on front squat/quad development as I’m a hamstring dominant lifter which to me was a leap of faith. After that 4 weeks my back squat had improved massively without even doing it, something I wouldn’t have had the confidence/faith to do myself. That’s not to say there’s no flexibility though, we regularly assess what’s working and what’s not and change accordingly in person or by email.


All in all Simons programming has allowed me to enjoy lifting again and in a much smarter way. Im challenged with new exercises I’ve never tried which keeps things fresh and stops the stagnation but also carries over massively in addressing weak points and preventing injury. It’s also taken the anxiety out or programming exercise choice, rep ranges/sets, methods etc... myself as everything we do is geared towards improving with no wasted time/unnecessary work.


Overall the biggest gain for me is I’m making better progress for less actual time in the gym and I’m not overtraining and repeating the same exercises over and over. A lot of dedicated gym goers find it tough to hand over control but trust me it’ll be the best move you ever make. Let the experts do what they’ve spent years perfecting and spend the time you’ll get back programming yourself elsewhere.

James Woods 

I consider myself extremely lucky to have Rhod as a coach. He applies his knowledge of training for this sport into my programming and has a refined-eye for spotting weaknesses in technique. 
The programme is simply structured with no confusing nomenclature and easy to follow.  With Rhod’s guidance and coaching, I have added 10 kilos on my snatch, 15 kilos on my clean and jerk and even more on my squat; and we’re only getting started.

Harry Nelms


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